Some of Our Team's Successes

  • Raised $2.4 million in equity financing for a startup by organizing one of the largest syndicates of angel investor groups ever formed.
  • Pivoted a startup's strategy from providing apps to providing a platform, helping them get to a $1.5 billion (with a b :)) valuation.
  • Designed and managed the supply chains for new Apple, Dell, Sun, and HP products.
  • Built and scaled organizations ranging from 5 to 2500 people.
  • Led, recruited, and scaled up sales international sales teams selling globally and exceeding revenue & profit targets.
  • Bootstrapped from nothing to a company with fortune 500 clients, a global workforce, and employees with an excellent quality of life.



We invest in seed-stage startups so they achieve:

  • Scale - build something great
  • Speed - accelerate revenue
  • Success - achieve their vision

We help them:

  • Raise next-round financing
  • Build sales
  • Create their supply chain
  • Recruit key talent
  • Set strategy
  • Pivot smart.
  • Prepare for scaling
  • ...