About Launch 413

Results we're proud of


Our team helped build many of the major players in our entrepreneurship ecosystem including: Valley Venture Mentors, River Valley Investors, UMass Entrepreneurship Initiative, Smith College Draper Competition, Elms' College entrepreneurship center...

We've Already Scaled

Built international sales forces generating hundreds of millions in revenue, managed multi-billion dollar projects with tens of thousands of employees, recruited & trained key talent to go from concept to concept to exit, etc.

Someone Say Funding?

Created national startup syndication networks, facilitate the events where top startups pitch to representatives from the angel groups of the Northeast, lead the local angel investor network.

Impact on existing portfolio companies:

  • Sales - Showed how to assess their sales channels, leading to a refocusing of efforts on channels with 10x the value.

  • Technology - Identified system flaws that wouldn't normally have shown until there were a lot more users... and a lot more at stake.

  • Supply Chain - Found the designers, manufacturers, shippers, and packaging suppliers to get a pilot deployment of product to market... at 1/10th the price the entrepreneur expected and in two weeks.

  • Introductions

    • Company needed to increase user engagement, helped them find & hire one of the top game designers in the country at a startup-friendly rate.

    • Connected to four industry veterans who would have taken years for the startups to reach on their own and who, within hours, provided the conclusive evidence the entrepreneurs needed.

Our Team’s successes before joining Launch413:

  • Raised $2.4 million in equity financing for a startup by organizing one of the largest syndicates of angel investor groups ever formed.

  • Pivoted a startup's strategy from providing apps to providing a platform, helping them get to a $1.5 billion valuation.

  • Designed and managed the supply chains for new Apple, Dell, Sun, and HP products.

  • Built and scaled organizations ranging from 5 to 2500 people.

  • Led, recruited, and scaled up international sales teams selling globally and exceeding revenue & profit targets.

  • Bootstrapped from nothing to a company with fortune 500 clients, a global workforce, and employees with an excellent quality of life.


Bio profile pic Paul G Silva 2012.01.01-2574px.jpg-1.jpg

Paul G. Silva

(Founder and General Partner), takes great joy in having helped more than a thousand entrepreneurs follow their dreams to launch hundreds of startups. The startups range from a hot cookie delivery franchise to artificial intelligence solutions to genetically engineered bacteria that kill tumors. Collectively, these brave entrepreneurs now employ nearly a thousand people and generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue and outside funding.  

Paul leads the River Valley Investors angel investor network and chairs the selection committee for the Angel Capital Association's Northeast syndication meetings.

Formerly Paul served as:

  • A board member of the Angel Capital Association.

  • President and Co-founder of Valley Venture Mentors, one of wold's top 100 startup accelerators

  • President of Click Workspace, the premier coworking facility in Western Massachusetts

  • Co-founder of the Entrepreneurship Initiative at UMass Amherst (later academically acquired by the Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship) 

  • Co-founded All inPlay, the first company to allow the blind to connect with friends and family around the world unhandicapped and as equals. Sold the company in 2011.


Rick Plaut

(Co-Founder and Venture Advisor), spent the first thirty years of his career as a corporate “intrapreneur” developing new products, customers, markets and businesses. Since then he has joined a number of startup ventures ranging from management consulting to advanced manufacturing. Rick also shares the techniques and tools of the Lean LaunchPad and the Business Model Canvas with students at a number of local colleges including Smith, The Elms and UMass. He is also mentor and facilitator for early stage start-ups at Valley Venture Mentors and independently is a board member and mentor for a variety of early stage enterprises.

Purpose and Values

who we are

Launch413 takes startups from Launch to their first $10 million in revenue. We are serial entrepreneurs and veteran executives dedicated to helping startups become engines of prosperity in our region. We accelerate our entrepreneur’s progress by investing our expertise & networks to provide strategies and introductions that would have taken years to acquire on their own.

Why We Do It

We believe there is no better way to create prosperity than to help entrepreneurs turn their crazy dreams into the innovation & jobs of the future. 


  1. Do the right thing

  2. Pay it forward

  3. Love what we do and do it well

  4. Start small, reinforce success

  5. Relentless continuous improvement