What Drives Us

We believe that helping entrepreneurs is the best way to create prosperity and make the world, and our part of it, a better place.

Our Values 

  1. Do the right thing
  2. Pay it forward
  3. Love what we do and do it well
  4. Start small, reinforce success
  5. Relentless continuous improvement

Our Leadership

Paul G. Silva (founder and general partner), takes great joy in having helped more than a thousand entrepreneurs follow their dreams to launch hundreds of startups. The startups range from a hot cookie delivery franchise to artificial intelligence solutions to genetically engineered bacteria that kill tumors. Collectively, these brave entrepreneurs now employ nearly a thousand people and generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue and outside funding.  

Paul leads the River Valley Investors angel investor network and chairs the selection committee for the Angel Capital Association's Northeast syndication meetings.

Formerly Paul served as:

  • A board member of the Angel Capital Association
  • President and Co-founder of Valley Venture Mentors, one of wold's top 100 startup accelerators
  • President of Click Workspace, the premier coworking facility in Western Massachusetts
  • Co-founder of the Entrepreneurship Initiative at UMass Amherst (later academically acquired by the Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Co-founded All inPlay, the first company to allow the blind to connect with friends and family around the world unhandicapped and as equals. Sold the company in 2011.