Launch413 Invests in Music Box Licensing

Will Bangs , CEO, Music Box Licencing

Will Bangs, CEO, Music Box Licencing

We are proud to announce the latest addition to Launch413‘s portfolio: Music Box Licensing (MBL). MBL connects composers to buyers seeking original music for commercials, websites, and movie trailers.

This Western Massachusetts company is led by Will Bangs, a musician who spent the past ten years as a public school teacher to feed his family and find meaningful work. After graduating from Valley Venture Mentors earlier this year he took the plunge to convert MBL from a side-hustle into a full time venture.

“We were immediately impressed with Will’s work ethic, ability to incorporate advice, and commitment. By himself, and with no training (before VVM) he’s built an impressive small business with real potential to scale,” said Launch413 co-founder Paul Silva.