Launch413 Begins Phase 2, Investing in More Companies!

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Launch413 is itself a startup, and like all startups has lots of hypothesis to test. We are proud to share that we just completed Phase 1 and validated all of our core hypothesis:

  • With our help startups accomplish in months what would have taken them years to do on their own

  • Our Venture Advisors can provide that help in a scalable-way

  • There are enough startups connected to our region that want our kind of investment

Time for Phase 2: take on twice as many startups to make sure our systems scale. If everything works as we expect (within the bounds of startup land :)), then in a few short years we will, every year thereafter, help 4-8 local companies reach at least $3 million in revenue. Do that for a few years and the jobs, wealth, and prosperity created starts to get really exciting!

So we're looking to add 3 more companies to our portfolio. If you know a great startup past the “I-have-an-idea” / VVM stage and raring to reach their first $10 million in revenue, please send them to our spiffy new website:

WoofTrax Introduces $2,500 Steps for Pet Health Challenge

Launch413 portfolio company WoofTrax just announced a $2500 challenge funded by Rover to help animal shelters. Details...

Easthampton, Mass., June 28, 2018 – WoofTrax, creator of the Walk for a Dog app, announces the $2,500 Steps for Pet Health Challenge, sponsored by Rover. The challenge, which runs through July 15, is the latest in the Steps for Pet Health Challenge series and will award $2,500 to the winner’s favorite animal organization. This is the largest single donation to date.

Walk for a Dog, by WoofTrax, is a simple, year-round fundraising app that records walks taken with a dog. It promotes healthy interaction between dogs and their owners while creating the opportunity to earn donations for thousands of animal shelters and rescues across the country. Thanks to its more than 20 million recorded walks, WoofTrax has donated and helped raise more than $350,000 for more than 5,000 animal organizations since its Walk for a Dog app launched in 2014.