Our Portfolio

Batch 1

Led by Antwaine DebnamTripletote™ develops and is commercializes wearable devices that allow people to easily carry a large number of items hands-free. The Company allows professionals to carry all the items they need while keeping their hands free to work. Tripletote™ allows those with injured or weakened hands the independence to complete their shopping trips on their own. 

Led by Alfredo Tosoni Orejuela, STEAMporio provides K-12 schools the equipment, curriculum, and training they need so students can learn the Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math (STEAM) skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. 



Led by Dawn TamarkinCellZone's classroom learning solutions instantly transform a biology classroom to an active, student-centered environment that includes all students regardless of disability or learning style.

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Led by Seth SquadronJames Jackson, Subclipr Helps publishers of online videos create more ad inventory by making it easy for staff / viewers to easily make & share clips of existing videos.

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Led by Doug Hexter, WoofTrax helps pet parents and their dogs stay healthy and generate donations to their favorite animal shelter... just by going for a walk and reading relevant pet-health information.