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Lead by William Lippolis, ApprentiScope is the apprenticeship management platform trusted by industry leaders for time-savings, scale-ability, and workforce automation.

William Lippolis,  ApprentiScope

William Lippolis, ApprentiScope

Natasha George,  SomEV

Natasha George, SomEV


Led by Natasha George, SomEV is working to make electric transportation accessible to everyone by addressing restrictive cost, slow charge times, and low access to charging stations.


Led by Chris Amato, Carv helps answer complex sales and resourcing questions at a glance so you can stay focused on what matters.

Chris Amato,  Carv

Chris Amato, Carv


Led by Lisa Papademetrio, Bookflow aims to become the software platform for novelists to create, share, and improve their stories.

Lisa Papademetrio , Bookflow

Lisa Papademetrio, Bookflow

Clean Design

Led by Dan Koval, Clean Design Company has reinvented the mop. Their Duop® mop can do all sorts of things that your standard mop can’t - Dramatically saving you time, money, and effort.

Dan Koval , Clean Design Company

Dan Koval, Clean Design Company

Music Box Licensing

Led by Will Bangs, Music Box Licensing connects composers to buyers seeking original music for commercials, websites, and movie trailers.

Will Bangs , Music Box Licensing

Will Bangs, Music Box Licensing


Led by Doug HexterWoofTrax helps pet parents and their dogs stay healthy and generate donations to their favorite animal shelter... just by going for a walk and reading relevant pet-health information.

Doug Hexter , WoofTrax

Doug Hexter, WoofTrax

Triple Tote

Led by Antwaine DebnamTripletote™ develops and commercializes wearable devices that allow people to easily carry a large number of items hands-free. This company allows professionals to carry all the items they need while keeping their hands free to work. Tripletote™ allows those with injured or weakened hands the independence to complete their shopping trips on their own. 

Antwaine Debnam , Tripletote

Antwaine Debnam, Tripletote


Led by Alfredo Tosoni OrejuelaSTEAMporio provides K-12 schools the equipment, curriculum, and training they need so students can learn the Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math (STEAM) skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. 

Alfredo Tosoni Oreguela , STEAMporio

Alfredo Tosoni Oreguela, STEAMporio


Led by Dawn TamarkinCellZone's classroom learning solutions instantly transform a biology classroom to an active, student-centered environment that includes all students regardless of disability or learning style.

Dawn Tamarkin , CellZone

Dawn Tamarkin, CellZone


Led by Seth Squadron & James JacksonSubclipr helps publishers of online videos create more ad inventory by making it easy for staff/viewers to easily make & share clips of existing videos.

Seth Squadron , Subclipr

Seth Squadron, Subclipr