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I was in the first Lean Startup class Paul taught. I made 3 years of progress in 3 months! More importantly, if I hadn’t made that amount of progress that quickly I would have had to give up on my venture.
— Scott Longley (2013 alum)
Every class session, as hard as it was, opened my eyes to opportunities I would never have found otherwise.
— Scott Decker (2016 alum)

Launch413 Startup School

Value Proposition

Startup School takes a cohort of startups through an intensive, Accelerator-style curriculum with direct coaching and support. 

  • Learn Faster - The Launch413 curriculum combined with direct coaching from Paul Silva helps you develop and test your ideas far faster than you could on your own.
  • Gain Confidence - The six months of classes allows you to dive deeper than you can in a typical accelerator so you come out with more evidence and support for all aspects of your venture.
  • Ready to Make The Call - By the end you'll have enough evidence to make The Call: Go full time? Quit/keep your day job?  You'll know.

Cost & Commitment

  • Time - Startup School meets once a month for six months. Class sessions are 2-3 hours each. Homework totals about 10 hours a week.
  • Money - The tuition is offered on a sliding scale from $1k to $3k per team.


  • Committed - As this is a cohort-driven program, your peers are a critical part of the value proposition. Therefore we need teams that can commit to the full requirements of the program.
  • Scalable - Ambition for benevolent world domination :).
  • Coachable - Willing to take advice.
  • #LovinglyCritical - Capable of taking and delivering tough news, but doing it with kindness and respect.

Talk to Paul

If you are interested in learning more about Launch413's Startup School, Contact Us.