Launch413 invests expertise to help you execute & scale your business.




Worked your tail off to gain real-world validation of many aspects of your business model?



Ambition to reach $3+ million a year in income?



A track record of learning from mentors and a hunger to gain operational know-how?


Close + Connected

Located within a 2-hour drive of Springfield, MA and have a strong connection to Western Massachusetts (having participated in our entrepreneurship ecosystem counts 😉)?

The Entrepreneur’s Challenge

Startups die by spending their limited time and money on the wrong things
— Unknown Serial Entrepreneur

Any of these holding you back?


Never sold before to a market like this?


Struggling to fill key slots on the team?


Struggling to raise next-round financing?

Supply Chain

Daunted at how to manufacture, ship, and/or fulfill?


People & systems never did 1000x before?


Not enough (or the right) engineers?

Our Investment

We help our you work on the right things by providing one-on-one coaching from top-tier executives with the experience and connections you need, when you need them, now and for the years it will take to get to success.

What we offer:


Strategic planning to set your course.


Board meetings to course correct


Assessment of what help & talent you need & when


1-on-1 sessions with the experts you need


Introductions to people that would have taken you years to reach on your own


Connection to the New England investor community



Our investment helps our entrepreneurs...

1 | Scale ventures

2 | Gain speed

3 | Grow confidence 

Terms + Agreements

Launch413 doesn’t take equity in your company. Instead, like Indie.VC, LighterCapital, Vested For Growth, and a growing number of others, we take a share of future revenue. This aligns our interests with helping the business (and their founders!) make money. We’ve heard that is an important thing for businesses to do :).

To be clear, we do not invest capital. Why? Because our companies want to make sure they are doing the right things before they bring on more outside money. If/when it comes time to bring in money we have the network to help entrepreneurs raise funding, and at a better valuation.


Terms in plain English: It is kind of like a loan.

  1. Invest - We invest in you for the years it will take to get you to success.

  2. Return - You promise that, if you are successful, you pay us a total of $X.

  3. Grace Period - You pay nothing for several years so you can focus on growing your company.

  4. Royalty - After the grace period, you pay us a % of your revenue every quarter. If you have a great quarter, you write us a big check. If you have a tough quarter, you write us a small check. Once you've paid us $X, you're DONE :).

  5. Free Trial Period - If we both agree to work together, you get six months to try us out at no cost or obligation.  

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