What We Offer

Launch413 is an alternative venture fund. We invest our expertise, connections, and passion in fantastic entrepreneurs so they can get to execution & scale. And we know it works: examples of our team's past successes

Launch413 doesn’t take equity in your company. Instead, like Indie.VCLighterCapitalVested For Growth, and a growing number of others, we take a share of future revenue. This aligns our interests with helping the business (and their founders!) make moneyWe’ve heard that is an important thing for businesses to do :).

To be clear, we do not invest capital. Why? Because our companies want to make sure they are doing the right things before they bring on more outside money.

The Entrepreneurs we Most Want To Work With Are:

  • Validated - Founders have worked their tails off to gain real-world validation of many aspects of their business models.
  • Scalable - Ambition to scale their venture beyond a traditional small business to something capable of achieving at least $3-10 million a year in income.
  • Coachable - A track record of learning from mentors and a hunger to gain operational know-how.
  • Close & Connected - Company is located within a 2 hour drive of Springfield, MA and has a strong connection to Western Massachusetts (having participated in our entrepreneurship ecosystem counts :)).

To learn more...

Other Local Resources for Startups

  • Valley Venture Mentors - Selected as one of the top 100 accelerators in the world.
  • Innovate413 (despite the similar name there is no relation to us, but we love them :)) - THE resource for news, events, and links to the Pioneer Valley's startup ecosystem